Some of the most influential titles of all time are cyberpunk movies: The Terminator, The Matrix, and Blade Runner, to name a few. Now you’re all caught up with the best modern cyber noir movies! Tetsuo: The Iron Man is chock-full of upsetting imagery, particularly when the titular Iron Man and his fully human girlfriend (Kei Fujiwara) attempt to copulate even though he’s, y’know, an Iron Man. That could be anything from cybernetics to artificial intelligence or even synthetic super serums. Also: Shout-out to its very, very good sequel, the Denis Villeneuve-directed Blade Runner 2049. Even with the changing parade of TV and movies that Netflix has, a few classics have been able to stay in steady rotation. Where this could have been a trite rehashing of the tired tropes of old science fiction sub-genres, Johnson downplays its more outlandish elements. In case that just made it sound like ALL cyberpunk movies have to sacrifice action for philosophy, turn your attention to Dredd. It really makes for a perfect neon-noir set piece. Don’t worry about it. A typical setting in the cyberpunk genre is an impoverished city where an evil corporation reigns above all. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It’s rare to see that much hopefulness in cyberpunk movies, and it shows that there’s more to look forward to in the future than drugs and sexual deviance. While he’s primarily known as a writer and actor, Upgrade allows Whannell the opportunity to flex some directorial muscle. Telekinesis? 10 Great Cyberpunk Anime Movies! But Verhoeven queasily uses all of these as pleasurable Trojan horses for an equally silly/savage satire on corporatization, capitalism, consumerism, militarization, police states, the horrors of technological advancement, and the ambiguities of human identities. He grants 2049 its quiet intensity and focuses it with practical settings, vehicles, and props. Tetsuo: The Iron Man is a hard friggin’ watch. He also writes for Channel Frederator and Cinematica on YouTube. It flaunts the same grit and cynicism, just minutes away from a similar dystopia, waiting with one beady smiley-face eye on the clock. Plus, it’s French, so you know it’s gonna get weird. It’s a very loose adaption of Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and is known for its futuristic noir style, striking cinematography and an ambitious electronic soundtrack by Vangelis. It’s a style previously used by Linklater in Waking Life and currently used by Undone on Amazon. Both of them scored Oscar noms for the film, with Deakins taking home the trophy in his category. Merry Christmas, it’s Akira’s 30th anniversary! This is thanks to its lead antihero, Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley). While we wait for our mega-corporate overlords to seize control and plunge us into a tech-noir film of our own, let’s go back to the origins of film noir and see how we ended up here. This is no replicant; this is the real deal. He drew on the works of Dahisell Hammett, writer of the quintessential Maltese Falcon, to unravel a murder mystery about high schoolers. The character development is sidelined as the movie unfolds in a succession of boss battles leading up to one final confrontation, so enjoy it for what it is. Cyberpunk, also known as neon-noir, sci-fi noir, and future-noir, is the industrialized spin-off of neo-noir infused with elements from other science fiction subgenres. Nothing about it reinvents the wheel — nor is that the goal. Leading man Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) not only looks like Tom Hardy, but he has the same offbeat, symbiotic partnership with his digital consciousness STEM (Simon Maiden). Written and overseen by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation), this film is a pure testosterone-fueled crime story. Minority Report navigates the pitfalls of hard sci-fi by grounding itself in a naturally-evolved future. Start with a heaping spoonful of hard-boiled grit. However, the film itself is anything but “eager.” Director Mamoru Oshii (name-checked by cyberpunk acolytes like the Wachowskis and James Cameron) has a patently strange style. Best Christmas Movies With The Most Popular Faces Cyberpunk fiction is often interested in the dichotomy and evental collapsing between the body and the brain -- here, Verhoeven dives into a brain to pummel us in the body, all to show that the future is coming inherently pummeled. It even got some of its predictions right. If you’re looking for the conventional tech-noir protagonist, turn your attention to Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz). It’s not unlike the approach taken by A Scanner Darkly, which instead rotoscoped over the actors’ performances. There’s a social unrest thanks to the wealth gap between the high and low class. Upgrade thus tackles the slipper erosion of identity and independence between a human and their technological tools with unparalleled physicalization. Despite being technically a lean sci-fi action flick about a cyber-cop on a case, Ghost in the Shell is largely a sedate affair, with many of the best scenes playing out in long, stationary conversations in which Oshii’s jaw-dropping animations counterintuitively don’t do much. The original helped define cyberpunk, and Denis Villeneuve’s installment continues the canon while morphing it for a modern audience. This is a bad ending that sucks. But that’s not why you should watch Alita. When he goes on the prowl, it oozes with cyberpunk aesthetic. Released in the unbelievable cinematic year of 1999, The Matrix is a rollicking success to this day, a film that manages to blend up a bajillion sources of philosophy, Eastern thinkers, Western muckrakers, and pop culture (including many of the flicks talked about on this list) and serve up a wholly accessible, entertaining, and smart blockbuster. Here's Screen Rant's take on the 13 Best Cyberpunk Movies Of All Time. The entire film is a visual marvel, thanks to DP Roger Deakins and production designer Dennis Gassner. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. But when a salaryman (the Japanese word for “white-collar worker”) played by Tomorowo Taguchi starts literally sprouting metal as the culmination of his violent dreams and reality-blurring fantasies, the two face off in relentlessly nihilistic fashion. 13 Hackers Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie starred in Hackers , a gorgeous techno-pop Cyberpunk film directed by Iain Softley ( K-Pax, Inkheart ). But when things go awry, and Schwarzenegger is thrown into a very real-feeling series of spy shenanigans on Mars (! Sounds pretty damn cinematic, no? But it’s not shock for shock’s sake -- Tsukamoto has a lot on his mind, and every facet of his fever dream, from the grimly handmade makeup effects to the smeary 16mm camera, speaks in service of his ultimate thesis statement: The fusion of technology and the human race will totally destroy us all. This makes 2049 even more dynamic than its predecessor. The hype is … And watch it for the way she actually dares to confront the corruption of her city rather than become a part of it. That premise is enhanced with cyberpunk production design, but retains its philosophical core about the nature of free will: is Anderton destined to commit this crime, or can he change his fate? Its plot is set in 1941 France, a country that is trapped in the 19th century. Instead, the franchise builds out. It is similar to futuristic gothic-based fashion. Blade Runner is regarded as pretty much the archetypal cyberpunk film. Cyberpunk is one of the most beloved genres in the sci-fi medium, and, of course, there are a variety of films that are absolutely essential for any fan of cyberpunk to check out. Speaking of Japanese roots, Alita: Battle Angel is a direct adaptation of a cyberpunk manga. The citizens are immersed in a vibrant cyberpunk style. April and the Extraordinary World is one of the best cyberpunk anime movies on Netflix. While a cyberpunk name isn't that different from other sci-fi names, some If some poor director had opted to reboot the franchise, it may have invited unnecessary comparisons or criticisms. ...and for being one of the last times Hollywood could cast Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, and Woody Harrelson without dropping $20 million minimum. But a precognitive vision says he will. Alan Moore’s original graphic was published in 1986, right around the time of groundbreaking cyber noir movies like Terminator and Blade Runner. “K” (Ryan Gosling) even steps out of the shadows into a Mad Max-esque desert steeped in orange. Harrison Ford stars as Rick Deckard, a tired and frayed cop on the case to find a group of rogue replicants (cyborgs), including the instantly iconic Rutger Hauer and Daryl Hannah. Who killed the Comedian? The film has an awful lot to say about the ambiguity of human identity in an increasingly inhuman world, from Young’s belief that she’s human even though she’s a replicant, to Hauer’s impassioned (and improvised!) As The Zero Theorem made painfully clear at times, cyberpunk films that are unmuddled by smoke and shadow risk looking like YA fantasy cities. Human bodies and cybernetic approximations co-mingle, bleary-eyed protagonists fight their way through noir-tinged conflict, and the cold, steel flesh of industry, from robots to skyscrapers, juts into every facet of life -- all tinged with the iconoclastic, rebellious spirit of punk. ​That’s Looper’s greatest achievement. Best Christmas Movies PS5 Stories GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. In crafting the tech-noir setting, Spielberg recruited a think tank of futurists to give the 2054 Washington D.C. a realistic look and feel. Instead, he pulls his characters from their grand dystopia and brings them to quieter terrain where their inner-conflict can shine. Watch it for Alita. Grey isn’t particularly in control of his body when he starts pummeling folks -- his computer brain, voiced by the satisfyingly dry Simon Maiden, is basically using him as a flesh puppet. Here are some of the best cyberpunk movies to check out. Gregory Lawrence (aka Greg Smith) is a writer, director, performer, songwriter, and comedian. Cyberpunk, also known as neon-noir, sci-fi noir, and future-noir, is the industrialized spin-off of neo-noir infused with elements from other science fiction subgenres. 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Reveals The Sparrow Academy Cast & Characters, The Best Cyberpunk Movies to Watch on 'Akira's 30th Anniversary, More Though it never reaches the same heights, it deserves a spot in the pantheon thanks to its manic vision and twisted subversion of the cyberpunk genre. … He’s a hairless nutcase cooped up in a dilapidated church. Led by Motoko Kusanagi, Section 9 is on the hunt for one of the most elusive cybercriminals, the hacker Puppet Master. The megacorporation Avalon has kidnapped one of its scientists and it’s up to police captain Barthélémy Karas (Daniel Craig in the English dub) to figure out why. His film is reminiscent of the best cyberpunk movies like Terminator, 12 Monkeys, and Akira while establishing lore of its own. And as Neo, Morpheus, Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss, starting the film off with a kick heard ‘round the world), and the rest of the modern-day-H&M-wearing resistance battle with Agents (led by Hugo Weaving) and decode cryptic prophecies and programs, all kinds of boundary-poking theories are explored in the midst of crackerjack action set-pieces. Not machine. Keanu Reeves plays a computer hacker Neo who knows there’s more to life than meets the eye -- and he’s looking for Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) to lead him further down the rabbit hole. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Oscar Beat: Best Director Predictions — Will Fincher Finally Win? Create robust and customizable shot lists. So, in honor of Akira’s 30th anniversary, and a world which feels more and more cyberpunk every minute, here are some of the best cyberpunk movies for you to watch, enjoy, and further convince you to delete all your social media accounts and live off the grid. That is, they would be catastrophic… if we weren’t too lost in our new realities to even notice. Welcome to the cast — (checks notes) — Existential Dread Inducing Psykronium Cube! Back in pre-Gemini Man times, when actors couldn’t be (pretty much) seamlessly de-aged, it was up to Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis to depict the same character at different times in his life. And, if you’re not sold on his adaptation, you can always see how Damien Lindelof fares with the Watchmen television series on HBO. Kind of like the inherently unreal steak Joe Pantoliano wants to keep eating. So how can you break put from the pack and get your idea onto the small screen? It’s less interested in a palatable sci-fi narrative than it is in an unsparing exploration of mood. This sci-fi genre lives and dies on the production design, so animation allows the film to flaunt a spectacular city and fantastical futurism without the risk of losing its actors in the sauce of cyberpunk style. Before Hollywood would let him direct Star Wars, Rian Johnson made a name for himself in the noir genre with Brick. It’s a refreshing palette change and it’s stunning. Don’t let the Internet bozos who’ve coopted its iconography for miserable ends fool you: The Matrix continues to be that rare kind of meal, both rich in nutrients yet as delicious and addictive as candy. Best Cyberpunk Movies With Painstakingly Low Life, Alarmingly High Tech That You Are Sure To Love, Enjoy And Learn Something From The Best In The Genre. Instead of a messianic journey, Dredd follows its hero (Karl Urban) through just one judgment in a long line of judgments, like a police procedural bumped up to the nines. Top 15 feel good movies to watch on Netflix right now In this strange country that is headed by Napoleon V for seven decades now, scholars tend to disappear mysteriously. A visual medium requires visual methods. Right out of the gate, director Leigh Whannell constructs a bleak and sleek metropolis with self-driving cars and a staunch wealth gap. And there’s a lot of sauce here. But that doesn’t mean I’m discrediting its screenplay -- many of Upgrade’s most eye-opening explorations of what our future could hold come in its slower moments of rest and connection between Grey and the folks he meets (especially with the gender non-conforming hacker played by Kai Bradley). Below are the best cyberpunk films Netflix has to offer. He loves pizza and the Mortal Kombat movie. Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction. Would “we” even exist anymore? Via the character of Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), we get a window into the explosive world of Mega-City. Watch it for her plucky, naively-optimistic point-of-view. Check out one of the fight scenes from the film in the clip below. However, Puppet Master leads Motoko into a world of political and corporate corruption. Our most recent entry to the cyberpunk canon, Upgrade comes from the vivid imagination of Saw and Insidious maestro Leigh Whannell. The Best Cyberpunk Movies to Watch on 'Akira's 30th Anniversary By Gregory Lawrence Dec 25, 2019 Share Share Tweet Email Comment From … The shores are junkyards. When Upgrade came out, some viewers considered it “future-noir Venom.” I mean, they’re not wrong. And, actually, it’s a better Robocop than the 2014 remake. You end up with a decidedly cyberpunk aesthetic. How do they do this? Watch the Striking Seven Hour Trailer for the Longest Movie Ever Made, Writing and Directing for Suspense: Inglourious Basterds. Unlike the chiaroscuro lighting of cyberpunk films like Blade Runner or Minority Report, this city is bathed in light. All of this, combined with the film’s patient pace, makes it feel like a warm bowl of wire soup, where boundaries and labels and answers to questions mean less than giving yourself over to the tempting textures of stylish singularity. If you ask your brain to conjure up an image of “cyberpunk,” it will likely produce something close to the incredible aesthetics present in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, a cult classic unfairly chopped and maligned upon its initial release which has only grown more and more in stature and influence as the years go by. Now that technology has surpassed even our most wild imaginations, the resulting fusions will be catastrophic. Scanner circumvents that by heightening every visual with computer-rotoscoped overlays. Cronenberg’s film plays a touch like a slower-paced Hollywoodization of Tetsuo: The Iron Man, with devices like the aforementioned spinal pods, flesh weapons, and UmbyCords (squishy flesh facsimiles that video game users semi-erotically massage while playing) speaking to his thesis that human beings are becoming more and more interested in escaping being a human. Visually stunning and incredibly influential, Ghost in the Shell is regarded as one of the greatest anime films of all time. Thankfully, few genres have a steadier stable of film staples than Cyberpunk. What I’m saying is “stick with the original.”. 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What Nemesis does do though is stand as an example of the trashy B-movies that flooded the market when cyberpunk was fashionable, and while it does fall into the bargain bucket of cheap genre videos, it’s the best of the Like any hard-boiled detective’s story, his mission begins after an impossible murder. The Matrix (1999) The Matrix (1999) You’ve seen it and everyone who likes movies has seen it. And the influential anime film, released in US cinemas December 25, 1989 has everything you need for jolly holiday viewing -- vicious gangs, telekinetic powers, the eradication of civilized society, psychic children with horrifyingly aged faces, a dystopian view on how technology will consume us all, a viscerally disgusting villain that consumes and absorbs everything in its path, and one of the scariest film scores ever composed.

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