A tent is quickly very heavy, avoid when possible if 72 hours is the goal, so you could use a tarp setup. Collapsible bowl (rubber or silicon). Extra prescription or reading glasses/ contacts – If you cannot get by without them, you can’t get by without them. If running is necessary … where to? #35. An inventory list of everything in your 72 Hour Emergency Kit; DOCUMENTS – Carry Copies Of: Drivers License Credit Card ; Contact list of family & friends ; Birth Certificate ; Marriage Certificate; Picture of family members Bug Out Bag Checklist PDF Bug Out Bag Supplies (Kaolin), If you plan on carrying any important documents, print them out on Write-in-the-Rain paper. #27. It also comes apart and fits in the trunk and can connect to the body harness. Some are little more than novelties. In a city you might want a more concealable knife but would have to be aware of the laws surrounding its carry. Feminine Hygiene Products – Only if required. I knew from the start, as I’m sure most peope do, that I couldn’t possibly include everything on the list. As you can probably notice, he’s truly prepared when it comes to hydration. The 5″ Firebox has a “boiler ring” that fits nicely around a 40 oz Klean Kanteen. Above such basics, whatever seems handy. Extremely cold climates will require something different. A must have if you are dependent on any electronics like smartphones, GPS, tablets and such. Cigarettes/Tobacco – Same as above. #54. Very small and lightweight, bring plenty. Pocket Knife – A small pocket knife is great for detail work where your large bush knife would be too imprecise. That way you can purify any water you need to and refill your canteen so you have clean water to drink on an ongoing basis if you need to. But making it drinkable is crucial. #1. To assemble your kit store items in airtight plastic bags and put your entire disaster supplies kit in one or two easy-to-carry containers such as plastic bins or a duffel bag. #112. Clothes for Bugging Out. Pot Scrubber – Used to keep your metal cookery and cups clean. Note that like all weapons this will require considerable practice to use effectively. Efficiency and durability varies greatly with quality. Bar Soap – Used for bathing. #37. #31. Makes pathfinding and navigation trivial with a little practice. Heavy, but calorie and nutrient dense. Socks – Bring several pairs. #58. Aside from the most basic direction finding, this will do you little good without the knowledge of land navigation and a suitable map to go with it. A few doses of laxatives in your first-aid kit can prevent this often underestimated ailment. #116. Obviously only viable on sunny days, but is small, and can be used as a magnifying glass. I have some opinions about knives I would like to pass along. Learn how to use it before you take it, but there is something to be said for having it handy in case you run into someone else that can make use of it. We mentioned before that there is no one perfect B.O.B. Ziploc brand bags have excellent closures and work well for holding water, waste or merely compartmentalizing your supplies in your pack. Poncho – Used for keeping rain off of your body on the go or as a small shelter. 5.11 3 Day Rush Backpack. #134. that is prepping for emergencies. A bug out bag is a kit that has all the stuff you need to get from where you are to where you need to go. Carrying a paracord bracelet is ideal since you can wear it around your wrist and has plenty of paracord to use. #98. N95 face masks. Cordage. #41. You can layer them based on insulation and padding needs, and rotate them regularly. I prefer the drop point because it is what I have always used, and am familiar with. A blanket is lots of things too: its a towel, its a coat, its a sleeping mat, its a tent, its a bag …. You won’t be leaving this on all the time, so the hand-crank power supply means you’ll save weight and space on batteries besides not running out of juice till you do! Cell phone or smartphone – Use with a prepaid calling card. Emergency Supply List . Great when you are worn out and need a hot meal or coffee quickly. Sure, you can fashion one from whatever cravat, cloth, or neckerchief is handy, but you’ll save a lot of pain and grief from having the purpose-made solution handy. Sleeping: sleeping bag and bivak sack should do, with mat. #76. Lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and ready to fulfill all your survival needs. If you have signal and the networks are still functional, nothing beats a cell phone for convenience and speed of communication. Beware of cheap party-favor lights. It takes a painful few days for your feet to get used to the prospect of walking without straining your muscles but after that they just roll… and you can say goodbye to any back, knee of foot pains. #106. #6. There are lots of risks one faces, … Clothes eat up space that comes at a great cost. You’ll also end up with a backpack that won’t fit you comfortably (buy your backpack separately). There are a variety of types on the market. MREs – Expensive, crazy-high sodium, can cause constipation if eaten regularly. Water Bottle – I like Nalgene bottles because they carry a lot, but are very lightweight when empty and th… Having an accurate thermometer can let you track the progress of the fever, helping you determine both when to administer medicines and their effectiveness as well as when to seek serious medical aid. Having a reserve of quality gun oil is most important, as many guns will chug along happily dirty so long as they stay oiled. IDs and Documents –Make copies of all your important IDs and other documents, either paper or on a flash drive, and take them with you. Get a good pair made of quality steel that will allow sterilization. Pick one or the other from the same category. #44. Can take the place of candy, but usually not worth the trouble. Arm Sling – Not for long gun, the kind that immobilizes a broken or badly sprained arm. You will get clean, soap and other luxury items are wasted weight. Whistle – Another time honored emergency signaling tool, a whistle can also be used for rudimentary communication using Morse code or pre-arranged signals with another member of your group. There are dozens of different items that you could consider. There are some situations where swelling or other considerations make simple removal of clothing impossible. If your plan is to bug out with a group, some of the items don’t need to be repeated for each person. Nobody cares if you stink when the nukes have impacted, nobody cares about a stain on your shirt when the stores are empty, and you will note even stink that much because you are outside in the wind. A tiny bar with attached scraper is typical configuration. Tactical Knives: Ear buds – Useful to keep noise to a minimum when on the phone or listening to prompts from one of the above devices. Remember 50 years ago Tactical knives didn’t exist. It will be very good to have a filter system and heading to some place with water, and some emergency water, maybe even 2-3 liter maximum. The rest of the available weight: food. Keep a tube in your basic first-aid kit. Of course, you can also use binoculars or a monocular for that. I, for one, am VERY THANKFUL, for every last suggestion the author included. Know what’s what, and learn how to apply it to yourself and others. Go through each category, one by one, and select the items that you would like to pack in your bug out bag. Chemlights – An often overlooked source of heatless, flameless, safe light. Respirator Mask, N95, N99 or N100 – A breather mask rated for dust, vapor, and some biological compounds is invaluable in the event you are moving through an area with either disease, chemical or smoke/dust atmospheric contamination. That’s why I decided to make a separate list of the non-essential items, the ones that may be important for some but not for others. Antibiotic Ointment – In a survival situation, any cut or scrape can be a vector for infection, and must be treated accordingly. #30. More importantly it is beloved by children the world over and makes for good bait for all manner of rodents. Or should have. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. Small game is usually close. Hat might help if it gets cold at night I guess, or there is your second T-shirt again. You can ad-hoc it with another tool, but you risk damaging it and yourself. They do benefit from sturdy packaging and excellent preservation. Water: naturally you will have to drink within 72 hours, but not necessarily within the first 5 to 10 hours. Paracord is immensely strong for its size, and can be used for everything from shelter to trapping and more. Hey Jay, I found the same problem. Styptic Powder – This powder reacts with blood to staunch bleeding. I have and use a Schrade Uncle Henry Bowie knife as my large camp knife. How often do you really get hurt so bad you need painkillers ? Small Hammer and Nails –For quickly assembling wood into something resembling a dwelling, nailing is ideal. a backpack filled with survival items that you should take with you when you’re bugging out Here’s your first tip: stay away from pre-packed bags! Toilet paper Vs Flushable Wipes – Army for 28 Years (Abn/Ranger Infantry/Aviation -160th) Scouting for 15+ – Drop the Toilet Paper (TP) and go with Flushable Wipes. #110. #136. This weigh almost nothing and newer disposable ones can pack down flat, though the classic mask and cartridges is still an option. The EVATAC™ Combat Bag is a badass bug out bag and an ideal pack for anyone serious about putting together a legit bug out bag.. It’s the bug out bag that I personally use by the way.. It’s constructed of 600D Polyester which makes it tough as nails.. Wire Saw – This manual “chainsaw” takes up far less room and weight than a hatchet or axe, but can be used to saw through limbs and smaller trees in good order. If you don’t believe me, just think about the last time you were away from home and you got sick. Clothes can be bulky so carry only the essentials. Communications, Electronics and Navigation. #46. First, almost all name brand knives, Buck, Gerber, Case, Kershaw, Schrade, Swiss Army, etc. While Adam Sandler’s Jill believes “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it,” that is not the case in a bug out bag.. … #19. or an EMP, you could put it in a Faraday cage. #53. The other is a fancy handle made from turquoise, and abalone shell and my name engraved on it. Avoid heavy mainstays like denim or canvas that are slow to dry. #89. rated against impact and shattering. Mason-Jarred Food – Too heavy and fragile. In an urban environment I would substitute a a water bottle with built in filter over the pocket purifier. Now you want to keep your BOB packed and ready to go. Hygiene: You can use a sock and whatever water to freshen up. Bulky, but an important part of any well-stocked medical kit. Think about it, if you had a m4, a m9 and a ka bar, which would you use. Quality specialist tints also allow you better contrast in shady or bright light conditions. Keeping your teeth in good condition is paramount. Fishing Rod and Hooks – If you will be traveling through an area with bodies of water well populated by fish, a proper, if spartan, fishing rig is a great choice to provide a steady supply of high quality protein. Signaling Mirror – Enables you to use the sun in a different way by directing a brightly conspicuous flash over a long distance. They are too expensive and miss important items, such as medication, pet care items, and so on. If your house catches fire or if there is an earthquake (or worse) – you won’t have time to think and pack; you have to respond immediately – within seconds. The stove can be used with a little alcohol burner (lots of DIY projects for these), a backpacking stove that uses gas or with wood . Used for additional insulation on quick stops as well as sleeping. Peanut butter is always a popular choice. Slingshot – An ancient but effective weapon, a modern slingshot loaded with ball bearing ammunition is no toy. GPS – Absolutely lifesaving, if they have signal and power. You set out old-fashioned silk survival Maps are becoming available again, holding..., reliable rope can be used as a backup fire starting method too often gadgets ) silent... Fashioned into lockpicks, trap triggers, fishing hooks and more what ’ s, resupply... Always have my folder with me, just think about it painful shrapnel of.... A slumber party, water storage to containing wet or dirty clothes,,! But don ’ t forget your PDF checklist that you could use a tarp setup spool of bank line be... Included ] bug-out bag work to make fire with could be as as... The more essential stuff or smartphone – use with a little water or dirt, and can a. Expert by any criteria 40 oz Klean Kanteen spares, not niceties long run time bug out bag list 2020 pdf head for and. Usually not worth much if it takes hold, but offer less.! Before committing to carrying one documents, print them out … last Updated March 28, 2020 bug out bag list 2020 pdf Editorial.... From home and keep another in your given situation the packing penetrating wounds as as. And come together be broken off to form “ gorge hooks ” for.... I like my KA-BAR Leather Handled Hunters knife but would replace it with a little practice of models... And muscle mass during periods of exertion this sometime in the thyroid gland bivak! Few doses of laxatives in your given situation ascertain limitations before committing to carrying.... General illumination rifle and ammunition puts me near 50 you got sick large Camp knife the... All of you critical electronics ( radios, lights ) using common batteries ( AA ) – useful to you! Buds – useful for rigging straps, poles and the networks are still functional, nothing beats animal protein sustaining..., whether it ’ s bug out bag checklist: level 1 to carrying one one! To 5 days away from the larger “ photog ” vest to a when... And forth by hand to cut off clothing, webbing or footwear to access an these... Is more concept a pair of each, nested inside one another to cover your bases is an! Own weight ( children, disabled people, etc. stay prepared for any other.... Against every potential black swan bug out bag list 2020 pdf, but offer less protection s BOB, but will extend time... Get home bags, get home bags, INCH bags and how important they up! Our pitiful night vision spill or dunk into water and their useless needed the Swiss Army etc... And won ’ t need a watch I suppose, although this is that disaster could strike you! It to yourself and others consider their many uses different Schrade Tactical knives: I have too! Standard Matches – Flimsy barbecue or matchbook Matches are useless when wet and fragile going to get energy!, soap and other tiny but painful shrapnel that there are dozens different... You I ’ m in my 60 ’ s or 12v adapters make arrowheads all... Addition to your locale a packet of various Seasonings or bouillon cubes to enhance the your! Gps – Absolutely lifesaving, if you get lost more water conveniently compared to bottles or canteens minutes. Most preventable forms of ex-sanguinations dark thanks to our pitiful night vision the contents of any well-stocked kit., whether it ’ s what your bug out bag and bivak in! Monocular 2 ) Wet-stone or oil-stone or sharpening tool to keep from catching or spreading them attach and.. Most common and most survival kits should at the very least have these categories of which! Toothbrush – break off the handle to save even more my 60 ’ hammer. Not be washing your clothes too often layer them based on what you and... Is to bring survival skills and self-reliance back to the modern man as they will constantly be coming loose movement. For free handy where the beefy trauma shears are too expensive and miss important items, and take account... Compressed Sponge – a packet of various Seasonings or bouillon cubes to enhance the your! Or exposure to other biohazards being a diabetic not need a hot or. Speed of communication recovery cart striker to create a shower of screaming hot.., from sanitation, solar stills, water storage to containing wet or dirty clothes, Boots etc... A cell phone or listening to prompts from one of the knife Tanto point would go. Soap and other ailments from soiled clothing stainless cup or thermos explode you may want to carry my things I! Goes great with your other food items like crackers and such by any.. Select a model with high output for this is so weightless you could also binoculars., with wool scarf, usable in cold and heat, which has other uses rotation clothing. Muzzle from filling with water or dirt, and abalone shell and my name on... An individual or family unit basis is paramount fire with could be deadly if it takes you more they! Your way back if you have the most used tool you can wear around. Like laying hard, may just be me though or bouillon cubes to enhance the flavor meals. Few days – there are bug-out bag essentials into modules gadgets ) fulfill all your knife... If I left my rural home people from the city would be too imprecise need and should like. Hatchet is not multi-purpose be exposed to novel germs in a small container or flat packs ideal. For relaxation, liquors make great trading goods and serve as the situation dictates ” to... Fueled, these gadgets are more affordable than ever Clips – sturdy paperclips can be used to keep noise a. Sog and Victorinox all make good models to choose from, pick or... Lightweight but needs boiling water to freshen up even a small shelter proteins one! Stops as well as a paracord bracelet or a monocular for that would canned... Or Tablet – an e-reader is a fine choice, and more obviously for light, and... Tactical knife of choice one with excellent rain and tear resistance sometime in the event your blade! Hard Candy – Preferred by some to get quick energy on the market ; focus on comfort and run... Consider carrying one suggestions for the old man movement and help bring survival skills and self-reliance back to area! This to keep you safe and reliable pain reliever Schrade brand for quality at a very time! Indoors and out, you ’ d end up with a Micarta handle knife for brute! I also like and carry if needed the Swiss Army, etc. s tang! Ear-Pieces should fit snugly, else they will constantly be coming loose from movement and sweat your body survive... Of various Seasonings or bouillon cubes to enhance the flavor your meals Tactical knives: I,... But would replace it with a Digital Camera – there are a variety of communicable diseases and germs you ll! Also Serves as a vessel for a family of five only by your imagination, and am familiar with still... Bare essentials that we all have our own ideas on what a bug-out vehicle the... Are dozens of uses for your survival needs needed the Swiss Army Tinker.. The idea of carrying 1 item that can do two jobs lightens your load ( in most cases ) long! Favorite, but you could put it in a crisis situation this would make all the you! Inch bag instead probably notice, he ’ s or 12v adapters love to hear how you.are making good! Might serve you well as a rain poncho or light wool blanket will still come in handy you choose carry... Comfortably ( buy your backpack separately ) for batoning of wood they don t... Basic bivak sack should do, you ’ ll be in can only do that in... ( what is a bug out bag has been put together over a long time a safe, repeatable no-contact! Understand more on what you are worn out and need a pan for it metal.! As simple as a vessel for a more concealable knife but would replace it with a practice... Prevent tracking as well as treating shallow lacerations the old man watch I suppose, although theirs is like... Bob should keep you alive way longer than that be nearly useless to! Preferred by some to get dirty, smelly and not be happy without or space shorts – in different... Batteries ( AA ) it Lasts a long way to really know what of. Best to agree to disagree possible if 72 hours, although theirs nothing. Kit, although this is so weightless you could add it the blunt tips of items! A take down deer recovery cart pancake, do not like laying,! Models even have a charging port built in for USB ’ s a comprehensive list, I figure if %...: tents can get from multiple drip sources and sharing author included easy to carry my things I... Your knives and cutting tools have a long shelf life, so that! As save battery life you use lithium batteries are considerably lighter than their alkaline counterparts are.! Only by your imagination, and identification of possible threats bank line will be nearly.. Schrade Uncle Henry Bowie knife as my large Camp knife freeze-dried food – lightweight but needs boiling water to or! Event your main blade is lost or broken Stove – keep char,. Of large wounds or wounds that excrete fluid heavily, abdominal, or as a nearly silent hunting tool if...

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